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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y There's no right way to do it, only ideas that are better than others in certain situations. But if you had the opportunity to head up the design of a new OS, one to Put Things Right, one that could be radical enough to varnish out those UI/X bumps that have clung on for years, but practical enough to be used every day, what would you design? How would you handle application management? What about file types and compatibility? Where would you cherry pick the best bits from other OSes and where would you throw away tradition? I've tackled this challenge for myself and present (an unfinished idea): KrocOS (warning: HTML5 site, will display without CSS in IE/older browsers). OSnews Asks: What would make your perfect OS?
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Reduce the amount of hand-holding
by Drumhellar on Fri 6th Nov 2009 19:50 UTC
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Design an OS around users who know how to use computers, and throw out the stuff designed to make first-time computer users more comfortable. They aren't comfortable with a computer no matter what gets done to the UI, and it makes life harder in the long term, not just for new users but for power users.

Don't pop up a bunch of notifications when I plug in a USB thumbdrive. You don't need to tell me I just plugged in a thumb drive. How could I forget? I have a memory that lasts longer than 6 seconds, after all.

And, for Pete's sake, stop trying to guess what I'm doing, and when I decide to do something, stop second-guessing me. I KNOW WHAT THE #%$& I'M DOING!

But make everything undoable in case I don't.

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