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Features, Office "Today's another exciting day as we move closer to Beta 1. We are just wrapping up the MVP summit here in Redmond and we've finally announced another piece of functionality I've wanted to talk about for a long time now. This afternoon Steven Sinofsky announced to our MVPs that we will build in native support for the PDF format in Office 12."
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RE[3]: Massachusetts
by VenomousGecko on Mon 3rd Oct 2005 01:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Massachusetts"
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I want Microsoft to be more open and more flexible as well but saying:

"I want Microsoft developers to start adding/removing features for the sake of the user's experience, instead of always being driven by corporate strategy and the bottom line."

is a bit off the mark. Why would Microsoft want to do anything extra when they can get away with minimal and still sell copies of Office.

This is why competition is so vital for the consumer because competition is the "ONLY" reason why most companies improve products. Only when they are forced to compete do they truly improve their product.

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