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Editorial Hands up if you use Firefox. Have used it? Know about it? Heard of it? 'Sites up and down the World Wide Web today will be celebrating five years of Firefox. When I sat down to write this I worried about having to list the history of its features and landmark events and the news of the past five years. Other sites will be comprehensively doing that, there is nothing I can add to that list that Google can't surmise. Instead I will be telling you what Google does not know, my story of Firefox and what Firefox has meant to all of us.
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by vivainio on Mon 9th Nov 2009 15:57 UTC
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The story of mozilla is actually quite intriguing.

The message at the time seemed to be "er, we have this 'mozilla' project, please don't use it, use netscape instead". They did everything in their power to discredit mozilla-as-a-product, pushing it as a platform to build on... whereas netscape was the "real" product that you should be using. Needless to say, everyone used mozilla at the time.

As it stands, everyone is running over to WebKit at the moment (safari, chrome, others), and the heart of the browser is the javascript engine (if you have bad javascript performance, you have a bad browser). We'll see how firefox can deal with this - incorporating V8 jit engine would seem like the key to survival (the other being just plain inertia).

Mozilla still has the cutting edge Javascript as far as the features go:

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