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3D News, GL, DirectX Over the past few years, there have been persistent rumours that NVIDIA, the graphics chip maker, was working on an x86 chip to compete with Intel and AMD. Recently, these rumours gained some traction, but NVIDIA's CEO just shot them down, and denied the company will enter the x86 processor market.
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RE: a no go
by haus on Mon 9th Nov 2009 22:03 UTC in reply to "a no go"
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"GPU are not so interesting in computing, only on very specific tasks, and even there nothing so great that would give it a solid advantage."

Maybe on Windows PCs.

For OS X and some instances of Linux, the OS takes full advantage of the GPU leaving the processor to be dedicated to do more demanding tasks. in the end, it can and DOES make a system faster when properly integrated into the OS.

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