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Hardware, Embedded Systems Is complexity (and wearing this on the outside) an inherit part of open source design? FactoryJoe compares the OpenOfficeMouse (a mouse with 18 programmable buttons and even an analogue joystick) and the Apple Magic Mouse-"To me, the OpenOfficeMouse seems like such a typical product from the open source community." [Kroc: I honestly believed the OpenOfficeMouse to be a very clever satirical joke, the irony that it isn't suspends belief]
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OpenSource Design
by roger64 on Tue 10th Nov 2009 06:50 UTC
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Thanks for a cheap smile.

I suppose it's intended to further the MACOS spell on its customers...Geniality deserves money. Open mouth gasping and you can swallow everything.

I am glad OSX owes nothing to OpenSource..
What ? Some parts are coming from OpenSource,really?
At least, I'm sure not the nicest parts of OSX, its so advanced file system for example.

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