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Apple We're all familiar with the fact that Apple has trouble managing its App Store. While it is overflowing with applications, Apple governs it willy-nilly, and the web is rife with stories from developers who had their application rejected for no apparent reason. There's now a new issue we can add to the list. Are you an iPhone developer? Do you want a similar, competing application out of the App Store? All you need to do is send an infringement claim to Apple, and they'll happily threaten to remove the competing application without a second thought. Update: And here's a similar case, about Stoneloops! vs. Luxor.
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Tony Swash
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Even two years ago, the best that any objective user could say about the iPhone was that it sucked less than the existing alternatives (discarding all of the insane superlatives from fanbois who cream their shorts over any new Apple product).

Clearly you are suffering from what is known as "Inablility to Dig Cool Stuff Syndrome". There's an app for that ;)

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