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Windows Last week, security vendor Sophos published a blog post in which it said that Windows 7 was vulnerable to 8 our of 10 of the most common viruses. Microsoft has responded to these test results, which are a classic case of "scare 'm and they'll fall in line".
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RE[2]: They deserve it
by lemur2 on Tue 10th Nov 2009 12:46 UTC in reply to "RE: They deserve it"
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"I think microsoft deserver all they get. They constantly knock other os and do things like anti-linux training, so they deserve to have their os knocked about (even if the way it is done is a bit of a waste of time.) The fact is that windows has never and will never be a secure os. Unless they really do right back to the drawing board and start again.

and the FSF doesn't knock other OS's? Or Apple? Grow up.

Chicken and egg.

If Microsoft trains representatives to lie with anti-Linux FUD, it has to surely expect criticism in return.

I mean, really:

outright lies, pure and simple. Caught red-handed just plain lying.

As usual, Microsoft's "Get the Facts" campaign spreads totally unsubstantiated lies about Linux which it calls fact.


remarkable is Microsoft's claim that in the case of a security leak, Linux offers no guarantee of a patch- ignoring the fact that in the past, critical breaches in Linux have never been left for any notable length of time without a security patch being released. Unlike Windows, where a known security issue can stay un-patched for two years. Which shows that it's Microsoft that should be reticent of offering guarantees for patches.

Microsoft's biggest porkies are about the security of its OS in comparison to others, as usual.

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