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Windows Last week, security vendor Sophos published a blog post in which it said that Windows 7 was vulnerable to 8 our of 10 of the most common viruses. Microsoft has responded to these test results, which are a classic case of "scare 'm and they'll fall in line".
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RE: Sophos is eating shit - sophos
by jabbotts on Tue 10th Nov 2009 16:10 UTC in reply to "Sophos is eating shit"
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Sophos sells AV so I'd expect the marketing message "win7 needs AV; and it should be our AV you use".

At the same time, I also don't think six months uninfected somehow disproves the need for AV. I've been running winXP for years without a virus hit; does that mean winXP does not need protective measures too?

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