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Google TechCrunch broke the news today that Google has bought Gizmo5, the popular VoIP SIP provider, for $30 mil cash (not confirmed officially yet). The company was led by Michael Robertson, known for his times on and Lindows. What does this mean for Google Voice? Read on.
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unless goverments buy out all the telcos i can't really see that 100% free calls happening ever, and even if you think they're free you'll still be paying for them, maybe just not by the minute...

do you really get charged different in the US if the calls comes from within the US or abroad? or is that just on cellphones since i think both parties pay for the calls over there, which would make more sense to me as to why google would need a SIP stack for google voice.

here in guatemala all the advantages you laid out would be moot since the calls are paid by whomever is making them only, so i wasn't seeing why would google need gizmo5

the thing i don't get is, considering how "cheap" it is to build a voip tisp why would they go out and buy one? what does gizmo5 have that no one else has or can't be build?

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