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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Just when we were starting to worry that the OS world was becoming ossified around three increasingly-competent options, making it very boring for OS enthusiasts, along comes a re-energized mobile computing market and a furious land grab among established players and new entrants. Samsung, the #2 handset maker by marketshare, is releasing a new mobile OS called Bada and will be vying to become the seventh major mobile OS in the market.
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RE: I can't wait!
by bhtooefr on Wed 11th Nov 2009 00:27 UTC in reply to "I can't wait!"
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That's actually not original, and the same companies that use shovelware now came up with that in the Windows 3.1 era.

Microsoft made stop doing that, because it was fragmenting the Windows platform, and instead told them they could buy copies of MS Bob if they wanted an easy shell on top of Windows.

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