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Google Google has invented a new programming language designed to reduce the complexity of coding without compromising the performance of applications. Called Go, the language has been tested internally at Google but is still at an experimental stage, so the company is releasing it as open-source code in the hope that it will get help with its future development.
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RE: Dirty?
by ndrw on Wed 11th Nov 2009 16:03 UTC in reply to "Dirty?"
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All issues (?) you've pointed out are just your personal preferences regarding the syntax. Is it really that important whether the import statement uses parentheses or not? To me any reasonably readable, regular and compact syntax will do, as long as the language has semantics and libraries I need.

The language is OO (more than C++ or Java for that matter), has very flexible type system and built-in concurrency primitives. Feature set is pretty conservative but it feels right for system-level programming.

Whether it is enough - hard to say. To promote a new system level language Google needs more than just a compiler, debugger and a basic class library. For start they should make Go a core part of their frameworks, just like what Sun or Microsoft did with Java or .Net.

I'm also a bit concerned about the binary compatibility, this issue should be dealt with asap or Go may end up going C++ route, where each compiler/architecture uses different calling conventions, symbol names mangling etc.

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