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Gnome As most of you will know, the GNOME team is hard at work on GNOME 3.0, the first major overhaul of the platform since 2002. The release of GNOME 3.0 was originally planned for March 2010, but it has now been pushed back for six months to September 2010.
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GNOME, nah, wait for Chrome OS.
by Jason Bourne on Wed 11th Nov 2009 17:50 UTC
Jason Bourne
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1) KDE 4.0 was a major desktop overhaul, causing the desktop itself to become more complex, confusing and buggy. It took 4 feature release cycles to get the whole monster a bit stable, however, up to this day, I still think that the kickoff menu is cluttered with too much logic, drawers and hidden places. Linus abandoned KDE, and the userbase share is decreasing after this KDE community move: one of the stupidiest ones made in open source community.

2) GNOME 2.x while not being the hottest "major" desktop left for us to use, commits a deadly sin, treating every user like a plain silly dumb. I still don't know why the heck Nautilus is the default file manager on this desktop. I hate Nautilus, I can't lasso files in list view. I can't also understand why GNOME redraws are slower than anything I've seen. I have to have compiz enabled to be able to not see that. Perhaps GTK? Who cares... it is just the way it is. Although GNOME is OK, it is not the hottest thing on earth.

3) XFCE, if not by this ridiculous name, could be reaching the status of leading desktop. Unfortunately, distros don't focus polishment on this one in favour of GNOME. I don't know why the project owner insists with this name, I hope someday he will regret. His desktop could very well be the leading Linux desktop. Oh and tha ridiculous rat should be killed too. ;-)

4) What I see right now is that, although we are well served with many options, no options leads to a consensus - no options are the perfect desktop. If you mix their applications, everything gets messy and UI inconsistent.

5) Google Chrome OS is being developed and will be released. If these desktops we know don't do their homework, I am sure Chrome OS will storm the Linux arena. Take as an example the Chrome browser - it's definitely a Firefox/Opera killer. And it amazes me that neither Opera or Mozilla community ever thought of the changes Chrome introduced. We were going to be doomed for years, by these mediocre browsers. I do hope Chrome OS will make Ubuntu and Fedora regret for investing so much in GNOME.

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