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Multimedia, AV "The Video Electronics Standard Association officially issued its Mini DisplayPort standard Tuesday, based on the technology licensed from Apple. VESA said that all devices using the Mini DisplayPort connector must meet the specifications required by the DisplayPort 1.1a standard, and cables that support the standard must also meet specific electrical specifications. It's a formal confirmation of the news from earlier this year, when VESA announced the Mini DisplayPort connector would be included in the forthcoming DisplayPort 1.2 specification."
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RE[2]: Why not use HDMI
by Moochman on Wed 11th Nov 2009 18:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Why not use HDMI"
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The thing is, in the most popular use case--simply getting video from point A to point B--it really is apples to Apples (pun intented ;) ). Most users will never see the benefits of DP--but there's not question they will notice when the connectors don't line up.

Still, I am a DP supporter, because I like the full-size connector ;) . It's easy to plug in like HDMI but more obvious which side is which, and it has a very simple, excellent push-button locking mechanism ;) . OK, I'm a cable fetishist...

Only thing I wonder about is whether the 'royalty free' stipulation actually applies when it comes to Mini-DP. From the article summary it sounds like manufacturers will still need to pay Apple licensing fees to use it.... :/

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