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Gnome As most of you will know, the GNOME team is hard at work on GNOME 3.0, the first major overhaul of the platform since 2002. The release of GNOME 3.0 was originally planned for March 2010, but it has now been pushed back for six months to September 2010.
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Linus abandoned KDE, and the userbase share is decreasing after this KDE community move: one of the stupidiest ones made in open source community.

Who cares about Linus preferred desktop. I don't think the userbase is decreasing. Take a look at all the available distros. Most of them come with gnome as default. That's where the gnome users come from (all those Ubuntu kids). There are no realistic metrics to measure desltop adoption. For sure, there are better Qt based apps (and some of them also KDE) that Gtk/Gnome.

2) GNOME 2.x while not being the hottest "major" desktop left for us to use, commits a deadly sin, treating every user like a plain silly dumb. I still don't know why the heck Nautilus is the default file manager on this desktop.

For some reason, I always liked Nautilus. That's why I love Dolphin, except it's way more powerfull.

Take as an example the Chrome browser - it's definitely a Firefox/Opera killer. And it amazes me that neither Opera or Mozilla community ever thought of the changes Chrome introduced. We were going to be doomed for years, by these mediocre browsers.

Wow, how unfair. You know most things Chrome has are copied from Opera? Google just took what others provided and invented and refined in a "better" browser.

I do hope Chrome OS will make Ubuntu and Fedora regret for investing so much in GNOME.

They can't be compared. I mean, being Chrome a browser, how can it compete with non browser based applications?

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