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Windows Okay, so this is new. When it comes to graphical user interfaces, everyone is copying everyone, but you'll always find supporters of platform Abc claiming platform Xyz is stealing from them - and vice versa. Mac supporters have often stated that Vista and Windows 7 were copying from Apple, and according to Microsoft's partner group manager, Simon Aldous, this is true. Wait, what?
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Devils Advocate
by systyrant on Wed 11th Nov 2009 21:02 UTC
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Well technically he didn't say they copied it. He said they "create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics."

What that says to me is that they took the elements of the Mac OS people liked and adapted them to Windows GUI. They did copy elements I suppose or functionality, but the didn't just go and copy the whole interface.

With that said though. They are smart to do that and they are smart (maybe not legally) to say they did. Kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the bashers.

Windows has progressively gotten better as an OS. I won't deny that. Doesn't mean I have to like them though. GO LINUX. ;)

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