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Windows Okay, so this is new. When it comes to graphical user interfaces, everyone is copying everyone, but you'll always find supporters of platform Abc claiming platform Xyz is stealing from them - and vice versa. Mac supporters have often stated that Vista and Windows 7 were copying from Apple, and according to Microsoft's partner group manager, Simon Aldous, this is true. Wait, what?
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Big surprise?
by Drumhellar on Wed 11th Nov 2009 21:38 UTC
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News flash! Somebody states the obvious!

The whole history of software development is based on taking somebody else's idea and improving on it by modifying it for your own needs and specific situations, with only the occasional moment of pure innovation. Actually, the whole history of tool making is based on this.

If Microsoft were to ignore ways to streamline the taskbar and and improve window look and feel, they would have been accused of NIH syndrome, and people would be saying how backwards they are.

They just can't win.

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