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Google Google has invented a new programming language designed to reduce the complexity of coding without compromising the performance of applications. Called Go, the language has been tested internally at Google but is still at an experimental stage, so the company is releasing it as open-source code in the hope that it will get help with its future development.
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RE[5]: Dirty?
by ndrw on Thu 12th Nov 2009 03:33 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Dirty?"
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Java's OO semantics have deficiencies that Go solves. To me it is equivalent to "Go can be considered more OO".

It doesn't mean that Java is bad - it's actually my favorite system-level language. But that's mostly because of its robust frameworks and the fact I've learned to live with its limitations.

The Java OO deficiencies (those that matter to me) are:
- non-OO primitive types,
- no multi class inheritance (for a good reason - it can get messy very quickly),
- limited interfaces (the only way to implement an interface is to write it by hand or inherit it from a (single!) base class).

Go simply doesn't have these limitations.

I agree with you that one can write procedural programs in Go (and Java, C++,...). However, this doesn't make the language non-OO, it's just user's choice not to use these capabilities.

Sorry about my comments regarding the Go syntax issues. I just can't help thinking that even a bad syntax (which it isn't) is at worst a nuisance.

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