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Internet & Networking According to a message on one of the development mailing lists, Google seems to be planning a beta of Chrome to appear sometime in December. There isn't any set date, and the message wasn't even addressing the release of a beta for Mac, but Nick Baum, a Google Chrome product manager, also the author of the mailing list post, let word fly. "Why make the switch now? The earlier you switch, the more time you will have to polish your experience for our Beta launch in early December. We realize this means dropping Mac support for a couple of weeks, but we already have people working on that. If you prioritize the Windows and Linux versions, we'll bring you cross-platform parity as soon as we can!"
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RE[2]: still don't get it
by moondevil on Thu 12th Nov 2009 12:42 UTC in reply to "RE: still don't get it"
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As any good developer knows, the secret of developing truly portable software is to make it so since the beginning.

Google decided to bet in Windows first, which makes sense as the platform with the biggest user base, and then target the remaining platforms.

I wonder why they didn't developed for the three versions in parallel. Lack of resources?

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