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Legal Intel and main (and only?) rival AMD have long been embroiled in legal battles regarding antitrust and patent issues. On top of that, antitrust regulators all over the world are investigating Intel for possible antitrust violations, so it looks like Intel needed to close off at least one flank: the company has reached a settlement with AMD, ending all legal disputes between the two chip makers. Intel will pay 1.25 billion USD to AMD.
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Past sins...
by griffinme on Thu 12th Nov 2009 17:36 UTC
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This is a drop in the bucket compared to Intel's past actions. When the original Athlons were eating the P4's lunch I was baffled why more OEM's were not jumping on them. Then when they had the mem controller on chip they were way ahead of Intel and still their market share languished. I don't think we will ever know how many back room deals and arm twistings went on. I am not delusional that AMD is a bunch of angels but this agreement deal stinks. AMD is on the ropes and desperate for cash. Intel gets to walk away from all litigation with what is really a small fine.

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