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Windows Okay, so this is new. When it comes to graphical user interfaces, everyone is copying everyone, but you'll always find supporters of platform Abc claiming platform Xyz is stealing from them - and vice versa. Mac supporters have often stated that Vista and Windows 7 were copying from Apple, and according to Microsoft's partner group manager, Simon Aldous, this is true. Wait, what?
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OK, the Dock as we know it in OS X has been influenced mostly by the NeXT stuff, which is hardly suprising. Still, OS X was, up until Windows 7, the only CURRENT SYSTEM of relevance that has this concept it has. And Apple did indeed improve the functionality of predecessors. Heck, they even patented it 10 years ago, if I remember correctly.

So, besides acting as the wise guy, you should have read on. MS copied pretty much EVERY ASPECT that makes the Dock the Dock, they hardly missed anything. Don't you think?

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