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Legal Intel and main (and only?) rival AMD have long been embroiled in legal battles regarding antitrust and patent issues. On top of that, antitrust regulators all over the world are investigating Intel for possible antitrust violations, so it looks like Intel needed to close off at least one flank: the company has reached a settlement with AMD, ending all legal disputes between the two chip makers. Intel will pay 1.25 billion USD to AMD.
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Not to be negative...but what the hell...
by Flecko on Thu 12th Nov 2009 23:52 UTC
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I'd like to think that this is only a drop in the ocean for all the damage that Intel has done to poor old AMD. I mean, it wasn't until the last 8 or so years that you could walk into a store and buy a computer that had an AMD chip in it. I remember what a big deal it was when places like Walmart and Best Buy started carrying the first "budget" low end PC's that had AMD chips in them. They had to claw and beg their way into Gateway and Dell and the like.

I'm sure AMD was just hurting for money at the moment, but at least this means an admission of guilt on Intel's side. If only Microsoft would admit to their competition that they pulled the same underhanded OEM tactics. Oh wait...Microsoft has no competition...

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