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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Miami New Times News (try saying that out loud ten times in a row really fast) has a long story on the Pedraza brothers, the two men behind Psystar, which is located in Miami. The story details the brothers' youth, and, of course, talks a lot about Psystar and Apple. There is a lot of interesting stuff in there not covered before.
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RE[3]: Really???
by cutterjohn on Fri 13th Nov 2009 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Really???"
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They're not stealing anything. They purchase the copies that get installed and shipped just like most other OSX x86 people. The difference is that instead of just doing it for your own computer they are assembling and shipping entirely functional computer with OSX installed and significantly more reasonable prices than Apple does for admitted slightly better casing, however the rest of the components are every bit as good as what Apple ships and charges far more for.

Apple apologists and fanbois are funny...

I USED to buy macs when I could strip their overpriced crap down to reasonable prices and then add in components for an overall savings of $1000s, e.g. $500 to Apple for a hdd that I can buy at a local retail outlet for $80 or $40-50 online bulk? $300 for DRAM that I could pick up for $80?(probably even better quality as you never know what OEM DRAM you're getting from Apple ta any given time) $300 for a $150 GPU? gets even better now that you can add in CPUs which are widely available at better prices with x86 v. when they use ppc. Sure it takes me about 20m to install everything, and I end up with a heap of lowend GPUs and low capacity memory modules. (The microscopic hdds I used to leave installed as the OS drive.)

And let's not even go into the PSU that Apple tends to ship with, as half the time they're underspecced or pretty shoddy quality OEM stuff that ends up also needing replacement.

Now it gets even worse with Apple notebooks today and no easily user-replaceable batteries. This is a rather cynical Apple tactic IMNHO as I expect they think that they'll just get another $2000 or so from the customer instead of them spending $100 on a new battery every few years. (Not everyone really needs a newer notebook every few years, and Apple notebooks have also been lagging in the discrete GPU area for some time now, again...)

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