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SuSE, openSUSE We're in the middle of the distribution release frenxy, or so it seems. After Ubuntu 9.10 and Mandriva Linux 2010.0, it's OpenSUSE time now: the team has pushed out OpenSUSE 11.2. A minor version number, but there's enough in there, still.
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RE[2]: Pale, pale, pale
by zsitvaij on Fri 13th Nov 2009 17:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Pale, pale, pale"
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Thankfully, KDE4 is excellent on Gentoo. With the monthly bugfix releases, it almost finishes compiling before the next one comes out!

It's a shame however that this stresses the CPU a bit and the flash videos of people falling out of burning buildings end up choppy, but I consider that a reasonable price to pay for such an experience.


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