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Legal As regular readers on OSNews will know, I'm quite opposed to the concept of post-sale restrictions, but also the insane countermeasures undertaken by the film and music industry against individuals who illegally download content. The reason I'm so opposed to these things is not because I approve of the act of illegal downloading - no, it's all about the slippery slope effect.
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RE: Duuude!
by Praxis on Fri 13th Nov 2009 18:17 UTC in reply to "Duuude!"
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The issue is that a wifi network serving a small town that is used to give citizens of that town access to this increasingly important resource known as the internet was shut down because of the actions of the mpaa. This is like shutting down the schools because one kid got caught cheating. A private organizations shouldn't be allowed to punish such a large group of people because of the actions of one individual. Furthermore illegally downloading stuff is a civil matter between the downloader and the mpaa, not a criminal offense.

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