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Google TechCrunch's Michael Arrington is claiming Google's Chrome OS will debut next week - but his story does have an odd ring to it. He goes on and on about how driver support will be shoddy, but that makes no sense - isn't Chome OS supposed to be built on Linux? The only way I can see initial driver support to be shoddy is when Chrome OS has its own, custom graphical layer, instead of using X. However, were that to be the case, I'm sure Google would at least support some NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel chipsets. In any case, it's a rumour - do with it as you please.
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limited hardware support
by Praxis on Fri 13th Nov 2009 18:50 UTC
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well as long as Chrome OS fully supports the hardware its being shipped on its overall level of support should be less of an issue. Most consumers would only get Chrome OS from buying it somewhere and would get working support and most geeks would understand "we only made sure it worked on this set of hardware use elseware at your own risk" Lack of support for printers, scanners, cameras and such could be more of a problem though.

I'm pretty interested to see what Chrome OS dropped from the standard linux bundle. Obviously it has to have the kernal but beyond that its anyones guess. Personally I'm not expecting to like it and I think some people are getting their hopes way to high. Google did not set out to make a desktop Os here, it will probably be much more limited than that, much simpler and more clean perhaps, but certainly more limited. I don't expect to be warmly welcomed among the linux crowd. Expect a lot of "Chrome OS doesn't run foo, its useless crap" style blog posts when it does come out. Of course Google doesn't really care what the linux crowd says about it since its not aimed at the linux crowd and thats perfectly fine in my book.

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