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Gnome GNOME 3, the much talked about next generation GNOME introduces a radical shift from the interface found in GNOME 2.x. Digitizor has a quick visual tour of GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 9.10.
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Now don't get me wrong I like their virtual desktop and window manager a lot, its a very attractive and intuitive design, I just don't see why it has to be activated every time I use the menu. That will be very distracting and while I can see why a couple people could desire such a combination, its unsuited for the default behavior.

Launching new apps is actually quite rare, compared to navigating between existing ones. This is only distracting if you typically stare at your current application while launching the new one (as the new app will obstruct the windows of the old apps anyway).

The technology we have now (in gnome2) is dated, because what gnome shell is doing now was not feasible before we got almost-universal compositing capability.

The push towards advanced features like this is actually what makes gnome/kde worthwhile - otherwise we could be (and some are!) using any old fluxbox/xfce/icewm.

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