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Legal As regular readers on OSNews will know, I'm quite opposed to the concept of post-sale restrictions, but also the insane countermeasures undertaken by the film and music industry against individuals who illegally download content. The reason I'm so opposed to these things is not because I approve of the act of illegal downloading - no, it's all about the slippery slope effect.
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Ultimate Bulletin Board, is where to look in the article above.

Nalle Berg

That's where I searched first but found nothing enlightening. It's a disambiguation page, but "Ultimate Bulletin Board" is not one of the alternatives.

The first guy made some comment about a word and the second guy replied "I didn't know that, thanks, I promise I'll learn English better" or something like that. I thought the second guy overreacted (because the word was absolutely valid, if not the best choice in context), so I thought I was missing something (perhaps hidden behind the UBB concept; some grammatical concept, I thought). That's why I asked the second guy about UBB.

It seems they were totally unrelated, so now I have to conclude that the second guy was confused.

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