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Gnome GNOME 3, the much talked about next generation GNOME introduces a radical shift from the interface found in GNOME 2.x. Digitizor has a quick visual tour of GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 9.10.
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Launching new apps is actually quite rare, compared to navigating between existing ones. This is only distracting if you typically stare at your current application while launching the new one (as the new app will obstruct the windows of the old apps anyway).

They are two separate functions and the use of one does not require the use of the other. I often start new programs without needing or wanting to rearrange my windows and I often want to rearrange my windows separate from starting a new program. Maybe my workflow is completely alien and everyone else does it differently but it works and I don't want it broken.

I have no problem with Gnome/Kde using new technologies but don't mess up peoples workflow, that was one of the main reasons kde4 was such a mess because they introduced eye candy while breaking basic functionality that still hasn't been restored in some areas. Gnome 3 should under no circumstances make the same mistake.

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