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Legal As regular readers on OSNews will know, I'm quite opposed to the concept of post-sale restrictions, but also the insane countermeasures undertaken by the film and music industry against individuals who illegally download content. The reason I'm so opposed to these things is not because I approve of the act of illegal downloading - no, it's all about the slippery slope effect.
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Internet Neutrality
by indieinvader on Sat 14th Nov 2009 17:47 UTC
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What ever happened to internet neutrality? I'm fairly certain that the government and private organizations are supposed to stay out of the way when it comes to the internet except where it comes to preventing damage it its infrastructure or functionality. And even then I'd hesitate to let any government or organization have any kind of jurisdiction over the internet. (more importantly the information I'm transmitting over it)

Also: (I agree with Thom here) A private organization doesn't have the authority to do the sorts of things that the RIAA and MPAA do!

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