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RE[2]: Massive?
by grat on Sun 15th Nov 2009 05:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Massive?"
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After testing it on Windows 7, with Aero enabled, I couldn't reproduce the "bug".

The closest I got, was if I clicked on something in the folder list on the left, it would leave the "old" selected folder highlighted, but in a different color (and would prompt to delete the folder I clicked on).

Tested also under "Windows 7 Classic" theme. Closer, but still, unless I clicked in the folder list, I couldn't reproduce the bug.

Apparently, my normal UI usage isn't subject to this problem.

Also, in both cases, it clearly displayed the *right* folder name on my system in the delete prompt-- having two folders with the same name is asking for trouble, ESPECIALLY when dealing with your "very important data that only exists in one location"-- and believe me, if you have "very important data that only exists in one location", that location had better be your backups.

And if you're deleting files from your backups by hand, you fail.

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