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Legal As Murphy's Law dictates, this news was destined to come while I'm down and out with the flu, while being miserable on the couch. Dragged my bum to the computer for this one (my iPhone alerted me, oh the irony): Apple has scored a major win in its case against Psystar. Judge William Alsup more or less agreed with just about everything Apple said, granting Apple's motion for a summary judgement. Instant update: Mind, though, that this ruling only covers Leopard. Snow Leopard will be handled in the Florida case.
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RE[2]: Crushing
by soulrebel123 on Sun 15th Nov 2009 06:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Crushing"
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In fact one could say that the EULA validity may be used to tamper with the GPL, not otherwise.
One company may put an EULA on their linux saying that you must pay them for every single installation. Then someone else would have to "CentOs" them, but that sucks.

I think that if this risk exists the FSF should fight back with a "GPL-noMac", hoping some big project adopts it.

Uh, not a really good english this morning, probably.

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