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Microsoft Thom's down with flu, so to avoid moving a lot of interesting news to pg.2, I am creating a combined item here covering a number of Microsoft related news items submitted to us.
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RE: Comments by tomcat
by buurtnerd on Sun 15th Nov 2009 13:23 UTC in reply to "Comments by tomcat"
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Tomcat, do you really believe this is how Microsoft works? Do you seriously swallow their lame excuses?

How can you patent improvements to existing solutions like SUDO without blocking further improvements. Visually I imagine another innovator needs to find a way around your innovation first before starting to innovate again. Software patents block innovation rather than encouraging it. I agree with the basic core concept of patents; I think innovation should be supported; but software is different from -old fasioned- hardware innovation. Maybe we should reward ideas rather than protect ideas.

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