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Legal As Murphy's Law dictates, this news was destined to come while I'm down and out with the flu, while being miserable on the couch. Dragged my bum to the computer for this one (my iPhone alerted me, oh the irony): Apple has scored a major win in its case against Psystar. Judge William Alsup more or less agreed with just about everything Apple said, granting Apple's motion for a summary judgement. Instant update: Mind, though, that this ruling only covers Leopard. Snow Leopard will be handled in the Florida case.
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Green Eyed Monster Loose
by SnowMac on Mon 16th Nov 2009 01:51 UTC
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To those who think Apple are discriminating against non-Apple hardware users... they are not. They ONLY wish to sell their own hardware. Apple have spent time and resources developing a good OS (some think the best) to support that aim. Apple do not wish to stop anyone else doing the same, they do not buy-up competitors, although they could, hell, Apple do not even wish to be the biggest (only the best) and they include a EULA with their OS to protect what they value.. i.e. their hardware business. Some people seem to be too dumb to understand this. Bottom-line? no-one forces anyone to purchase Apple hardware or software.

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