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RE[4]: Massive?
by grat on Mon 16th Nov 2009 05:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Massive?"
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Ok, there's one thing I do agree with. It's a minor bug, though, not a major bug.

If you have a file selected in the right hand pane (file window) and then click on a folder in the left-hand pane (folder list), it briefly flips back to a Folder icon, and "N items", before reverting to describing the highlighted file. Obviously "file selection" has priority over "Folder selection", and it should probably instead be "last clicked" selection.

But all the "huge bug!" hoopla is still poor file management.

And I really don't understand people who disable Aero thinking it changes much. It saves some memory (1% on my 2gb laptop), but as I understand, you're still using a 3d composited desktop.

You'd gain more by uninstalling tablet services.

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