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Apple "Continued issues with the App Store approval process are prompting developers to shun the platform entirely. Though there are tens of thousands of other developers pumping out over 100000 iPhone apps, will continued migration away from iPhone development result in less quality software for the platform? Worse yet, will users even care?"
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Quality assurance
by zkhizo on Mon 16th Nov 2009 21:43 UTC
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I feel for the developers, I'm just a user, and I rather enjoy the fact that every app, at least so far, didn't crash, or cause the iphone grind to a holt, or was a total crap otherwise. Check the apps in android market and other venyes for apps for the android, I bet a good number of them are crashy crappy apps. I'm not even mentioning the pathetic mess that are symbian and Windows Mobile.
If Apple wants to keep holding the user experinece in high standard, then apparantly there's a price for that, though I'm sure they can be more clear about the standards and not be so opaque.

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