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Apple "Continued issues with the App Store approval process are prompting developers to shun the platform entirely. Though there are tens of thousands of other developers pumping out over 100000 iPhone apps, will continued migration away from iPhone development result in less quality software for the platform? Worse yet, will users even care?"
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by werpu on Tue 17th Nov 2009 08:20 UTC in reply to "Grr"
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Not sure if there is the good stuff on Android, but the junk to good programs ratio probably is better and around 80-90% of all programs are free on the market. Heck google does not even force you into the market and handles it in a very relaxed manner, lots of emulation stuff is there, programs which need rooted phones are there. Pretty much the only thing google pulls is malware and root hacks. (which you can obtain otherwise since you are not bound to the app store as source of programs)
I have an Android phone, while the iPhone overall is faster (probably because Dalvik is not the fastest VM around, heck it is one of the slowest ones) I am more than happy with it it is overall faster than the previous WinCE phone I had which had similar hardware and Android is quite nice.

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