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Fedora Core Fedora 12 has been released today. "I'm proud to announce the release of Fedora 12, the latest innovative Linux distribution from the Fedora Project, a global, collaborative partnership of free software community members sponsored by Red Hat."
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RE[2]: As a Fedora 11 user
by sbergman27 on Tue 17th Nov 2009 18:02 UTC in reply to "RE: As a Fedora 11 user"
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Fedora does have a short support cycle for older distributions (two releases + 1 month?). Thus you'll need to upgrade pretty soon. Unfortunately that's the status of Linux desktop right now. However if you're a little bit adventurous there is much to gain.

I call foul on that. The Fedora-style forced upgrade treadmill is certainly *not* the status of the Linux desktop today. It is the status of Fedora. Period.

Other distros typically provide for at least 18 months of support, as opposed to Fedora's 13 months. And a number of solid and respected Linux distros give you anywhere from 3 years to 7+ years of support.

I don't believe that any Linux distro provides for a shorter maximum life-cycle than does Fedora.

And as an administrator of Linux business desktops, I am actually finding less and less advantage in upgrading to the latest. The Linux desktop is already pretty much there for me and my users. The main problem today being third party issues like IE only web apps.

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