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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference is currently under way, and as usual, the technical fellows at Microsoft gave speeches about the deep architecture of Windows - in this case, Windows 7 of course. As it turns out, quite some seriously impressive changes have been made to the very core of Windows - all without breaking a single application. Thanks to BetaNews for summarising this technical talk so well.
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by slight on Tue 17th Nov 2009 19:06 UTC in reply to "Arrggg!"
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The nice thing about caches, generally speaking, is that if you need the space for something else you can just discard the cache, so when your programs need that space the cache will be used for the programs.

The chances that you can manage the memory better than the kernel are slim.

There is an argument for how to tune whether very old pages get swapped out though, which Linux exposes through its 'swappiness' parameter (great name that ;)

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