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Window Managers Only last week Samsung pushed out a press release announcing its new mobile operating system, named Bada. Little is known about this new operating system beyond the name of the project, but thanks to Phoronix, we know a little detail that might indicate what, exactly, Bada will be like. As it turns out, Samsung is sponsoring the Enlightenment project.
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I dunno, so far its all been marketing speak, so its hard to tell what it is exactly. While the overwhelming vagueness even for a press releases means we should assume as little as possible and thats leaves bada with not much, it doesn't change the fact that if Samsung wants in on the smartphone game, they need an os. Snapping up existing technologies is the fastest and cheapest way of getting a competitive os (and at this point I don't think anyone but Mircosoft could put together a new proprietary os to compete with the existing crop), so if Bada won't be their os, what will?

I'm glad enlightenment found some backing, they have always been able to produce a very attractive environment that could run on lower end hardware, but their pace of development has been glacial. Hopefully this will help things a bit and the mobile sector is a good fit for their technologies.

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