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SuSE, openSUSE "SUSE 10.1 Alpha 1 was recently announced, before 10.0 was even released. All in all, not bad at all, especially for an alpha. No real stability issues were found and not really too much was broken."
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by netpython on Mon 3rd Oct 2005 18:05 UTC
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It's remarkable how well polished and more packed with features SuSE 10 is since Novell acquired SuSE not so long ago.You can argue about taste ofcourse but personnally i like the new box layout better than the former ones.The "boot-time" is indeed a problem more or less from the past since SuSE 10 and up boot a loot faster than 9.3 and back.Furthermore Novell wisely decided to add AppArmor-lite which can be controlled with a Yast-module,so it goes.

I wouldn't say SuSE is playing catchup but it seems more likely SuSE under Novell is taking off to establish a reference point in the nearby future.Let's see if reality outperforms marketing for a change this time.

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