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Fedora Core Fedora 12 has been released today. "I'm proud to announce the release of Fedora 12, the latest innovative Linux distribution from the Fedora Project, a global, collaborative partnership of free software community members sponsored by Red Hat."
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"Let's see, I have to make a 10GB download this time?

No. Not at all. It's just a 4.3GB DVD image. Even if you are on a modem connection, that's only about 11 to 13 days. By then there will only be about a half a gig of updates out. With the new delta-rpms you can go through those less than a day and a half.

Of course, if you pay by the MB, you want to be careful. Fedora's price tag on my netbook with mobile broadband comes in at about $300 with the initial updates.

FUD. a Live CD is only around 700 megs.

Even if you do install the DVD and decide to install everything, with DeltaRPM, even 500 megs of updates will probably go down to maybe 50 megs - so the feature is invaluable to users on such connections, unlike how you were suggesting earlier.

and due to Delta RPM and ALSO due to the existence of installable live cd's that are around 700 megs, I am begining to wonder wether you are really trolling?

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