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Google Google has just unveiled its Chrome OS operating system during a press event at the company's headquarters, and it's pretty much exactly what we expected it to be: a streamlined Linux kernel booting straight into the Chrome web browser. The code is available starting today.
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I think that this OS has four things going against it, and that's Windows XP, Android, the iPhone, and their own OEM policy.

Love it or hate it, Windows XP is a great OS for netbooks because it can fit on a small hard drive and runs almost all of the apps that people use on their desktop, plus there is a familiarity with the OS and its applications.

Additionally, all of the good remote connectivity options are there (Wi-Fi, 3G cards, 4G cards) already as almost every vendor releases Windows drivers and control applications for them.

Android and the iPhone, on the other hand, allow you to install your own apps locally. This OS apparently keeps everything in the cloud, and uses web apps for everything. Plus, these devices already have 3G connectivity. Android Market and the App Store also have thousands of apps.

Remember how well Steve Jobs' telling developers to write their own web apps instead of native apps went over when the iPhone first came out? It's one of the main reasons the Jailbreak community came to life in the first place. The same thing will happen here. It's a matter of when, not if.

Their own OEM validation policies, while good in theory, are going to have the effect of keeping people off of the platform. This isn't due to Google, it's due to the fact that there isn't a review process to install Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, or Linux on another portable device.

In short, I think that Google should have just tweaked Android for netbooks and leveraged what they already have.

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