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Apple "Continued issues with the App Store approval process are prompting developers to shun the platform entirely. Though there are tens of thousands of other developers pumping out over 100000 iPhone apps, will continued migration away from iPhone development result in less quality software for the platform? Worse yet, will users even care?"
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Follow the Money...
by tomcat on Thu 19th Nov 2009 22:23 UTC
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Just a few comments about this. First, developers may be annoyed at Apple because of their lame application vetting process, but most developers aren't going anywhere, since the App Store is generating real $$$, and it offers great visibility. Second, people should be aware that Apple's behavior is pretty similar to what you see on the Mac OS X desktop; that is, they encourage application development, then as soon as an application category starts to achieve critical mass, they either acquire & consolidate successful application companies or they create their own products which effectively compete against other 3rd party developers in the ecosystem. Unlike Microsoft, Apple doesn't have restrictions on what apps that it can bundle with its operating system, so it can choke the life out of competitors, as it sees fit. As long as you understand this dynamic and don't have unrealistic expectations of Apple, you won't be disillusioned.

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