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Google Google has just unveiled its Chrome OS operating system during a press event at the company's headquarters, and it's pretty much exactly what we expected it to be: a streamlined Linux kernel booting straight into the Chrome web browser. The code is available starting today.
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RE: looks nice
by sbergman27 on Thu 19th Nov 2009 22:51 UTC in reply to "looks nice"
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I like it. People afraid because it's dependent on internet needs to move on.

How about being afraid because it is dependent upon Google, Inc. That's a different thing.

Sure if you have a dial up that's not for you but more and more people have internet connection up 99% of the time.

Really? I travel by car a lot. And I certainly don't have Internet access anywhere near 99% of the time with my mobile broadband. And when I'm on the highway, I'd prefer the reliability, relatively low latency, and speed of 56k dial up, to what I observe with mobile wireless.

Don't tell me when I need to move on. I recognize the practical limitations of Google, Inc.'s "vision" immediately. If your Internet experience is stationary enough that you are comfortable with complete dependence upon the cloud, then perhaps it is you who need to "move on" in a somewhat more literal sense.

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