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Google Google has just unveiled its Chrome OS operating system during a press event at the company's headquarters, and it's pretty much exactly what we expected it to be: a streamlined Linux kernel booting straight into the Chrome web browser. The code is available starting today.
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Sorry, don't really get it...
by marksibly on Thu 19th Nov 2009 23:09 UTC
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Yep, pretty much what everyone expected, but I still don't really get it.

How does it differ from just running a browser on a 'real' OS - expect there's a bunch (and a big bunch at that) of stuff you can no longer do?

Saves the price of a harddrive I guess, but you can run a lite Linux on flash drive's already can't you?

To me, it's all start to feel like some kind of 'lock in' strategy.

Oh well, I never drank the 'do no evil' koolaid anyways!

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