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Google Google has just unveiled its Chrome OS operating system during a press event at the company's headquarters, and it's pretty much exactly what we expected it to be: a streamlined Linux kernel booting straight into the Chrome web browser. The code is available starting today.
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It is mostly what I expected. Moblin + Chrome

So no new windowing system. Plain old X11 is the windowing system (pimpled with OpenGL, Clutter etc.)

No new windowing system... yet.

But I think they have to provide Native Client apps really fast .. people want native speed.

You might be right. I don't _know_ anymore that you do, but I really don't think that is going to happen. I think Google is going to intentionally a permanently avoid a native API for the following reason:

As long as the only thing Chrome OS runs is web apps, they can change virtually anything in it as they see fit - and as long as they can get Chrome (the browser) to run on it they maintain their ABI (essentially the browser itself IS their ABI). Without having to worry about maintaining binary compatibility with anything, they can effectively optimize the living sh*t out of it over time so that they can reduce their hardware requirements over time (or increase performance on existing hardware depending on how you look at it).

I think the whole point is to make the hardware itself as uninteresting as possible - Chrome OS is for running cloud apps, and running them as cheaply as possible.

So sure, it is little more than moblin + chrome NOW, but as long as they avoid getting trapped by having to support native apps, they can work on shrinking their OS stack. I predict X will be the first thing to go...

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