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Windows Earlier this week, a senior National Security Agency official told US Congress that the NSA had worked on Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. This spurred a flurry of rumours about the NSA building backdoors into Windows 7, but Microsoft has today categorically denied these claims.
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RE[2]: NSAKey?
by kaiwai on Fri 20th Nov 2009 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE: NSAKey?"
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No, we remember - It's just the people who understand it never took issue out of "oh noes, there's a 128 byte key in one DLL used for export licensing".

Only the tin-foil hat wearing fringe whacko conspiracy nutjob paranoids take this type of sensationalist reporting seriously. File this alongside your "911 truthers", Who really killed JFK, or how 911 and it's primary architect were predicted on our currency.

Wow, I had no idea that the Girl Scouts are responsible for the crop circle phenomenon.
Few people do, few even think to ask the question.

No need to worry, he's probably going to ring up Alex Jones over at Prisoner Planet claiming there to be a world wide conspiracy involving fluoride, vaccinations, NSA code in Windows and dumbing down of television as to enslave the nation! America unfortunately is filled with conspiracy nuts - the conspiracy theorist suck as individuals so they grasp at straws to explain why they suck.

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