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Internet Explorer "Many wonder why Microsoft doesn't offer nightly builds - or at least something fairly frequent - of Internet Explorers. Ars talks to Microsoft's general manager for Internet Explorer, who says the IE9 development cycle will look much the same as previous versions. We don't think that's a great idea."
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Comment by Doca
by Doca on Fri 20th Nov 2009 22:22 UTC
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From the Ars article: "God, where to begin.", indeed.

It seems that people are not aware of what a 'hotfix' is.

Don't get me wrong, but it's very basic for any Microsoft user to expect for hotfixes. The software is very modular, so a hotfix is released to update just part of the software; there is no need to do a completely full build of it again.

It's impressive to see articles like this, it's like people are completely unaware of Microsoft Update, what scares me to death about the health of their systems.

I think our friend Emil at Ars isn't quite sure about how this works, also.

One last thing: the people at Mozilla should seriously take a look on this. It's just ridiculous to download the whole browser again when there is small revision on the software. On my point of view, their process is wrong, not Microsoft's.

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