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Google Google has just unveiled its Chrome OS operating system during a press event at the company's headquarters, and it's pretty much exactly what we expected it to be: a streamlined Linux kernel booting straight into the Chrome web browser. The code is available starting today.
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RE[2]: What about printing
by nt_jerkface on Sat 21st Nov 2009 19:58 UTC in reply to "RE: What about printing"
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A background daemon that transfers images from your camera to picasaweb should solve that. You think that because it's a web interface it can't interact with other stuff than web pages?

No the point is that devices require drivers which is something Google hasn't talked about. But yea uploading gigabytes of media to Google servers sounds like fun. So does having to download an mp3 every time you want to sync it.

Typical consumer knows nothing about anything tech related.

So this is going to be sold on consumer ignorance?

With the Zune store people can buy music and rent movies. Consumers can understand that functionality. Why would consumers choose a device that only has a browser over a device that offers more functionality? I could see WinMobile devices easily outselling Chrome devices by simply touting their gigabytes of local storage. I'm really gonna laugh if Asian market OEMs end up going with Moblin instead of Chrome.

Just be realistic, lots of entreprise software are being redesigned as web services with web frontends, because it's easy to deploy and manage from a central location without caring too much about the clients. IT contracts for all your clients, antivirus, etc. In the end, it makes sense, lot of sense.

It isn't being targeted at the enterprise, but more importantly businesses don't need a new OS to run web apps. Keeping Windows means keeping printer and scanner compatibility as well as any native software that is needed or *might be* needed. Switching to ChromeOS is too much of a risky lock-in for the typical business.

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