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Linux Now this is one to ponder. This year, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Barack Obama, president of the United States. The prize has been given to both politicians and non-politicians alike, and Keith Lofstrom thinks its time to hand over the Peace Prize to a non-politician once more: Linus Torvalds.
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RE[3]: easy to knock Obama
by DrillSgt on Sun 22nd Nov 2009 04:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: easy to knock Obama"
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Obama may be black, but there are plenty of white / old men behind him .. And , Obama isnt even an Afro-American ! Hes from KENYA ! Id rather see an Afro-American president with multiple generations of Afro-Americans in his background. Its a deception that Obama is "black".

He was born in Hawaii. His parents were from Kenya. Now, Kenya is part of Africa according to geographic studies, so why would that not make him Afro-American?

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